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Technical Services

A. Plan Assisting Service

One mission of our team is to assist cement companies to make annual spare parts supply plan. We are looking forward to join you when you need any advice on replenishing supply for the past year or making the storage plan for the next year.

B. Allocation Services

There are some common problems in cement industry. First of all, although it is necessary for companies to store spare parts in order to ensure efficient daily production, labor and space costs are inevitable, sometimes with the loss caused by overstock. Besides, emergent shutdown may lead to a big loss especially when the spare parts needed are not available in local market. Moreover, cement manufacturers usually keep many spare parts in stock, both finished and semi-finished ones, which also takes money and effort.  

While our allocating service, based on a huge member network, is to solve financial loss caused by storing, in the way of coordinating spare parts manufacturers and cement companies. Our objective is to promptly allocate and dispense spare parts to clients that in need, as well as to keep production and demand in balance. All of the products involved are quality guaranteed. 

C. Leasing Service

Spare parts leasing is a value-added service for our members. We have noticed that for mostly of the cement producers, the budget for spare parts storage is limited, yet if there are no spare parts in stock when a shutdown comes up, it therefore may take a month to get everything repaired and it would cause even more losses.

If the production line fails to work and the owner happens to be unwilling to purchase new spare parts, we are here to lease spare parts to ensure production and help the clients get through hard time, making non-stop producing possible. We strive for our clients’ interests.

D. Equipment Maintenance

With the aim to help our clients to better enjoy the high-tech production, we organize a team which consists of professional and experienced engineers, offering the full gamut of comment production line maintenance services including inspection, technical modification, equipment installation and spare parts supply. Besides, we want to be your helper when urgent accident happens, or when you need any technical suggestion about production line modification or project implementation. On-site services are available if you need technical experts to inspect production lines or give you advice on the following maintenance and replacement work. Thank you for using!

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